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Our Farms

Blackwater Creek Orchard

Blackwater Creek Orchard is a small scale mixed orchard bringing high quality fruit and fruit related products to the Sea to Sky corridor.

Four Beat Farm

Four Beat Farm is a certified organic farm in Pemberton committed to growing quality produce, working with draft horses, and building community. Get their vegetables through their CSA Harvest Shares in North Van and Squamish, or at the Pemberton Farmers’ Market!

Helmer’s Organic Farm

Helmer’s Organic Farm is a family owned and operated farm located in the Seed Potato Capital of North America: the beautiful Pemberton Valley. They have farmed organically since clearing the land and making fields in 1980 and are the fourth generation of this family to farm in the Pemberton Valley.

Seed to Culture and Rainshadow Collective

Seed to Culture grows all the vegetables they use in their fermented food products. They practice organic, regenerative farming practices, which means that no chemicals are used and their soil is enriched through the addition of organic matter such as hay mulch and cover crops.

They use traditional fermentation methods by only fermenting small batches in ceramic crocks to make healthy, probiotic rich, and delicious preserved food. Fermented food is full of vitamins, beneficial bacteria, and enzymes that are important in digestion and for a healthy immune system.

Seed to Culture is committed to providing the customer with only the highest quality product.

Spray Creek Ranch

Spray Creek Ranch is a certified organic and diversified regenerative farm using ecological principles to produce wholesome, delicious pastured meats.  We raise certified organic beef cattle, pigs, meat chickens, turkeys and laying hens on pasture as part of an integrated and regenerative agroecological system.  We also operate a growing on-farm abattoir and meat shop, and are moving toward slaughtering all our livestock on the farm and providing slaughter and cut & wrap services to other farms in our region.

Willowcraft Farm

Willowcraft is a local small scale family farm that provides fruit, ,flowers, garlic, value added products and a few surplus veggies and herbs the natural way.